Off balance, distracted and disturbed

Forgive me bloggers, for you are about to be confused. Welcome to my world.

Just throw a helmet on my head and call me Special. I’m off balance in mind and body, bumping into things and tripping over my own feet. They say Pride comes before a fall…. nooooooooooo, LOVER DOES – he caught me before I did the horizontal with the pavement. I also hit my forehead a nasty one on a window latch. Well, it is early for Easter, but I’m sporting a shiny egg-head on my noggin.

Cantankerous and angry mostly. Chit-chatty and talkative the next. Brooding and unresponsive. Tired but can’t sit still, won’t sleep there’s too much to do, rocking back and forth in the chair as we eat dinner. I just can’t stop the movement. Poor Lover has whiplash. I try to explain what and why, but even I don’t understand myself. He’s kind and tells me it’s okay. I hope it is.

Right now, I’m not the brightest light in the harbour. A few peas short of a casserole, I have turned distraction into an artform and deprived a village of its idiot.

I’m going to do the dishes”….. sits down at computer and fiddles, that reminds me, gets up, puts a DVD on, starts watching, but floor is dirty, starts mopping floor, stops mopping floor, there is a sudden urgency to have a vase of flowers in just that particular corner, the thought of flowers will not be extinguished, scissors in hand, skips off down the road in search of flowers, can’t find any and remembers doesn’t have a vase anyway, back home starts smoking a cigarette, curtains are blowing in the wind and need fixing, fiddles with curtains and tie backs, cigarette burns down, gets a thought, quick jot it down before it disappears, sits down at computer and fiddles.

Two hours later and the washing machine is spinning away. Confused Lover asks “Where’ve you been? I thought you were just going to do the dishes?”

Yes, I know, I’m sorry, I was….. but then……I got sidetracked because there was ……”

I never finish the sentence because my thoughts distract me and I forget what I was saying. Lover is kind, and tells me it’s okay. I hope it is. Because right now, I am the poster child for birth control.


  1. I feel ya. Although somewhat stable at the moment, I fear it is peering around the corner waiting to grab me. I’ve been doing one thing after another today. In between things I have been coloring, and it helps with the focusing, if only for a moment.

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