S’true, it’s another symptom

I was recently hypomanic but thought it was just me being, well….. bipolar. But after some advice from a friend and some more research, I’ve discovered that hypomania is indeed a symptom of venlaflaxine withdrawal.


I know I’m heading into hypomania when I’m easily distracted, doing 5 things at once, not completely finishing anything, with a voice in my head going “lemme just do this, lemme just do that, lemme just do this before I do that, oh shit I forgot I was doing that, lemme just finish it, but not before I just do that other thing over there”.


This morning, all morning, in the scorching heat of summer, I was running around doing heaps but accomplishing very little. I finally bottomed out after lunchtime and made myself have a snooze. When I woke up, my IBS was shouting at me, berating me for overdoing things today. I have a most miserable stomach ache.

So here I lie, in the afternoon heat of summer, with my heating pad draped over my sore tummy. Eina! I need to stop forgetting I’m in the midst of a withdrawal so severe it’s been documented as being worse than opiate/heroin withdrawal.

Take a chill pill and let myself heal!



      1. Hypomania/mania feels great for some time. What my doctor used to remind me, the higher you go, the further you fall. Didn’t the doc give you a list of potential side effects of withdraw? Or you’re feeling so good how needs to read? Hypo created a monster of me of 10 years. I’m blessed anyone loved me during that time.
        You know me, no bullshit!
        I think of you often.
        Happy Holidays

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      2. Hahaha, no my doc did not give me the slightest hint of what I would be in for. I remember he didn’t make eye contact me with, looked down at his notes and said “we have to get you off this…..but I don’t know how we’re going to do it” and he SHOOK HIS HEAD as he said this. Then I knew I was in for a bumpy ride. They hypomania – I feel great, I’m just wearing myself out too much and my IBS symptoms are kicking in. Like I said, I just need to slow down. Thanks for thinking of me M and always taking an interest…. it is mutual xxx

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