Unlawful withdrawal

Effexor withdrawal is a slow torture of near impossible proportions


Effexor withdrawal is like nothing before
my mind and my body are at war
so hardcore I want to bawl
I don’t want this anymore

My mind yawns in pain
a pharmaceutical strain
to suffer so seems quite insane
I doubt I’ll ever be the same

my brain cramps with angst
angry exploding rants
as it reacts to the scraps
of what my body lacks

my thoat is sore my tummy hurts
my head feels like its going to burst
I’m up until a new day dawns
so sleep deprived I feel forlorn

muscles cramp and joints do ache
with raw nerve endings wide awake
shiver and shake, its no piece of cake
make no mistake, I might just break



    1. Thanks Blah! OMG I’ve been on and off meds for years, but THIS is like nothing I’ve ever gone through. I’m in so much pain and my body is literally breaking down – swollen glands, mouth ulcers, chronic insomnia, joint and muscle pain. I’ve been on 300mg dosage for about 6 years. NEVER IN MY LIFE!!!! *groans, drools and starts to cry* Thank you for the encouragement ❤

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      1. Yes he did, eventually, yesterday evening. Hauling my phone around in my bra all day was annoying. He has squeezed me in for a consult this Thursday. Had to go into his office today to get blood tests for lithium and thyroid, to rule those out as contributing factors. Now I wait… Thanks for your concern, Blah

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