Say cheese

HAHAAAAAaaaa! Yes! I finally did it.

Being ‘financially challenged’, I find I can’t bring myself to throw perfectly salvagable old foodstuffs away. From rooting carrots to sprouting potatoes, none will go to waste.

Over the weeks, I’ve noticed an unintentional hoarding of cheddar cheese in my fridge. The varying states of mouldly decay have done nothing to deter my intention to grate the cheese and freeze it. Repurpose the cheddar, if you will. While intention is one thing, execution is another as days and weeks pass while my scraggly collection of various blocks of cheese turn a darker shade of green.


But tonight? Tonight was a turning point. This seemingly insurmountable task of cheezy proportions got a gratin’. It took all of about 3 minutes to shed the mould, grate the cheese, throw it in a bag and toss it in the freez———.

Oh shit. There was no room in my freezer. I’ve been meaning to defrost it for about as long as I’ve been meaning to grate the cheese. I was really like, totally cheesed off. Such a set-back has defeated the object of my endeavour.

The irony is not lost on me – prepare cheese for freezer, but freezer not prepared for cheese. I feel like a right cheesecake. Now project β€œDefrost Freezer” has been moved up to the number one spot on my procrastination list.



  1. I’ve been buying (and collecting) cucumbers not meant for freezing but for eating. I have, however, been procrastinating and my diet has been penciled in to number 2 on the list. Nr 1 is getting out of bed. Why oh why?

    Buying the cucumber at the time is always such a great idea.


      1. Sounds like you’re in my fridge (decomposing one) ulgh. πŸ™‚ but that one will be replaced by another. My children hate cucumber. Xoxox

        Please write for

        *fist in the air*

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      2. Oh I’m glad to hear. Ya adapting to the outside world is always trying. Hahahahahaaaa well, um, thanks … its actually likewise – I have 3 cucumbers in my fridge and everytime I open it and see them, I think of YOUUUUUU! πŸ˜€ Take care and I’m sending you healing thoughts


  2. I’ve been buying bags of kale…I don’t even like it but I keep thinking, “This time I will!” Cute play on words by the way. I giggled through this post.

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  3. I usually eat all my cheese before it has a chance to mold. But yesterday, I found a container with a little bit of moldy cheese in it. In the past, I would have thrown it all away. But remembering your post, I cut away the mold and happily ate the rest. Just wanted to say thanks. πŸ™‚


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