I think I’ve earned it

I don’t want to speak too soon. ‘Cos you know how bipolar is. Just when life starts going good, it quickly turns bad. And you hear the echo of bipolar as it chuckles darkly over your shoulder.

So….. don’t want to speak too soon, but…… *knocks on wood* ……… I think the depression is slowly seeping away. I did a load of washing on Saturday. And then never hung it up. I just couldn’t summon the strength. It was an insurmountable task. But this evening, driven by mental bartering and inner coaxing, I actually got the job done. I’m really happy, not only because it contained all my underwear, but because I did it. Depression and achievement do not normally co-exist.

And then, sufficiently inspired, I tackled a second insurmountable task – a baked banana pudding. For dinner. Fortunately, most of the over-over-ripe banana was salvageable.

Yes, I know it’s unhealthy eating dessert for dinner. But I think I’ve earned it.



  1. Hi friend
    Yes you deserve desert for dinner, I do that when not feeling quite right. It helps me. I’m on a Gluten Free Diet for my Lyme Disease, the Gluten Free goes out the door and go for it. I know you’ve had a recent disappointment, it sucks, just remember you now have more experience for the next challenge. I keep asking about your dancing shoes for a long time. You need a laugh and so do I.
    Happy dance photo or video in a post. I look for the day, you can fake it until you make it! I know you’re going to make and make your life great.


    1. Hmm, gluten free. What a bugger. I’m allergic to gluten. Its a horrible, restrictive diet, but you get used to it over time. Been 15 years for me now. Thanks for checking in on me. You’ve been so kind. I confess I have no dancing shoes or happy dance – it all happens inside my head. A figment of my imagination. So here’s to faking it, never in the bedroom, but always to make it in life 🙂

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      1. You’re to funny my friend. Sometimes we have to search hard to find a happy time to think of. I used to have several hobbies before blogging. I’m getting the itch to make jewelry again. Gluten free has been easy, I’m not allergic, Gluten Free is to boost my immune system and reduce inflammation. I cheat a little on weekends. I’m having Bison burgers tomorrow night. Where we live I think more people are gluten free. Our grocery stores has enough to keep me satisfied. Ending a relationship sucks no matter how long you’re together. The positive is you let someone in your life. Remember you have “the have to’s” if we ignore what’s important to us we aren’t happy either. Have fun, date around, be vocal about who you are. Love will grab you when you least expect.
        Yes, no faking in life.

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