Just for today

Today, I choose
not to abuse
myself with my mind
for one day, just put behind
what I lack
or will never get back
what I haven’t or didn’t
what I bloody well shouldn’t
have done with myself and my life

I’ve grown old being told
what to do, being controlled
judged by another’s set of rules
a logic that’s sure to confuse
so I go through the motions
deliver pleasing emotions
but not today,
today, I will be kind
and set free my mind
from being confined
just for today



  1. I often wonder, “How does she do that?” Your poetry is super-cool. I can’t do it. That’s one thing that you can do really well, and your poetry is powerful. Your words are powerful xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really mean it. I think we all need to be told in some form or another how amazing we are at least once a day. And you are so clever how you Brangelina’d me lol!!


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