Conditional Love

I have a boyfriend who’s really quite neat
would never have guessed we’d actually meet
confessed my bipolar, he’s still around
a true real treasure I think I have found

It was probably the third week in march
when he declared the state of his heart
unexpected and out of the blue
he declared what he felt to be true

lean on me, he says, I’ll be your support
i’ll be strong for you, ‘cos you are adored
i’ll love you for ever and ever a day
a love like this has never come my way

no sooner he tells me ‘I am the one’
than he claims just not to be strong
I can’t cope with your bipolar
I’m sorry, this relationship’s over”

my true colours once lovely
were now abhorrent and ugly
ironically, he never felt the full force
of my mood disorder at its worst

but as I’ve said before…..
I make no apology for my personal biology


  1. What a wonderful poem that expresses how tough it can be to be in a relationship with someone that is bi-polar. I don’t think love is unconditional but certainty it has to be tempered with maturity, understanding and forgiveness. Not everyone is cut out to love someone that suffers from bi-polar disorder, but if you find someone that can – appreciate what they do and the empathy they have.

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