it’s been a while, since i’ve been around
I can’t explain, just been overwhelmed
by life and blogs, and things between
friendships, fathers, a future unseen

sleepless by night, so tired by day
insomnia called me, and there I have stayed
no rest for the wicked, or so they say
I must be a sinner, for here I decay










stepped into the real world, a change of pace
take heed my warning, don’t make this mistake…..
an interesting venture, but not to repeat
for this bipolar who wants her own peace

I went on a diet and lost some weight
then put it back on, now I’m out of shape
I started a club, that meets in a pub
to give singles a nudge to stay in touch
went to a concert, a dream come true
had to leave early, it was all too new

romantic puddle







I’ve acquired a boyfriend, who would’ve guessed
he’s kind, and he’s calm, with a nice hairy chest
he thinks i’m an angel, it’s early days yet
but the hard part is over, bipolar’s addressed
he hasn’t run screaming, so hope for the best
that he’ll be outstanding from all of the rest

my shrink closed up shop without telling me
betrayed and abandoned is how I now feel
my new doc’s a man, with an outrageous fee
he’d better be worth it, have to wait and see

been booked off from work for a week of rest
bipolar insomnia must be addressed
Clozapine™ might make me drool, like a fool
but I’m getting some sleep, so its all super cool

after this rest, I’m recharged, all nouveau
tomorrow a date, with my brand new beau
I’ll get back on my diet, so no more gateau
back to work monday, and on with the show


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