Time to start

Sourced: http://www.hdwallpaperstock.eu/thumbs/girl_in_sunrise-t2.jpg

even though this year’s begun, I don’t know where to start
my hearts been stretched and broken like a thousand bits of glass
yet another dawn, another day, and still there’s more to follow
this new year’s turning out to be like yesterday’s tomorrows
where promise dims a few hours in, hope and light grow dark
what of my tireless labour? Life just bellows out a laugh
so let it stop before it starts, end the new beginnings now
I’m addicted to familiar, I don’t do change that well


  1. I know what you mean.. it’s hard to get out of old habbits, to break out of the routine.. haven’t quite broken out of my bad routine yet myself. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in just one day! Step by step we’ll get there! 😉

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