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Here in the bloggosphere, I have found a community of talented and gifted people who understand me. Their personal journeys inspire me, their compassion gives support when I don’t feel strong, they make me laugh when I want to cry. I have finally discovered a safe haven devoid of judgement, where I can be myself. An access to shared information because knowledge is power and realising you’re not alone is validation.

Karlee from A Mercurial Peculiarity kindly nominated me for One Lovely Blog award. Karlee and I struck a deal to each do something outside of our comfort zone. She dived right in to her challenge, while sadly I’ve dilly-dallied and arsed about. But I’m doing it now, and I accept the One Lovely Blog award from my brave friend, Karlee. And to keep it moving forward, I nominate 7 blogs and share 7 facts about myself.


My 7 nominees are:

My 7 facts are:

1. My parents tried to have a child for 9 years. Then I was born premature. I was trouble from the get go. Needless to say, I’m an only child. If I had been born a boy, I would have been called Paul.

2. I have been 4×4-ing up hills so high all you see is the sky through your windscreen and it feels like you are falling off the edge of the earth. Then over rocks, crossing rivers, getting stuck in the mud and being winched out. Absolutely terrifying. Will never do it again. I’d rather walk. I’d rather go to the dentist!

3. My best TV show is ‘Vikings’. I mean come on, that big, hairy, blue-eyed monster of muscled male manliness? How can it not be anyone’s favourite show? But seriously, I do like shows set in those sort of time periods. ‘Game of Thrones’ as well.

4. I never wear make-up, except to draw in my disappearing eyebrows. Bored, I did a selfie-shoot recently and realised I need make-up, like, stat! Ugly alert! Ugly alert! So now I wear make-up everyday. I’m getting used to it slowly.

5. I can start a fire for a braai (barbeque) without firelighters, using only twigs and pine cones to get the coal going. And I cook a mean piece of steak. I developed this survivalist skill after being let down too many times by Mr Ex ‘cos he was out drinking and I was home hungry.

6. I got my first tattoo when I was 17yrs old. That must have been in 1989, before it was fashionable. My mom cried and my father didn’t talk to me for weeks. I thought I was the bees-knees. Its so old and sun-damaged now it just looks like a dirty blob on my shoulder. I would like to have something new inked over it. But, money, money, money.

7. I walk in my sleep, talk in my sleep, and also eat in my sleep. It’s a thing. Google it. I kept wondering why I was waking up every morning with a sore, distended tummy and nothing but crumbs, empty yoghurt containers and food wrappers strewn about the kitchen. I thought I was the object of hungry burglars.



  1. lol@ the hungry burglars! I talk and chew in my sleep, and I’ve often woken myself up reenacting a mundane activity like eating an imaginary bowl of noodles, or pointing at an imaginary destination whilst I was lying in bed.
    I’m usually a very light sleep and mostly wake up with a start if anyone creeps in my room, or down the hallway. I always used to frighten the life out of my ex who’d come home from night shift, and almost silently walk into our room trying not to wake me. But suddenly I’d be sitting up in bed startled awake and in a panic asking “what’s wrong?” However on the odd occasion I haven’t woken up but still sat bolt upright with eyes staring and that freaks people right out!
    THANKFULLY though I’ve never actually left my bed and sleep walked or sleep eaten.
    I’m so glad you kept your end of the bargain too! It was really lovely reading some of your facts, and I’m going to check out the blogs you’ve recommended.

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    1. Thanks Karlee 🙂 The reason I took a while is I wanted to really look into some of the blogs. I’ve mostly chosen fairly new ones that I think will get a boost in confidence because they really are underfollowed. I know I was half terrified starting my blog. And its the best thing I ever did for myself


    1. Wow! Thank you so much. I’m thrilled to know you enjoy all the different little pieces of me 🙂 I only started in May 2014 (I think). And blogging has added an outlet for creative expression and honesty that I don’t experience in the real world. There is no judgement in this community – only support, empathy and encouragement. It’s fantastic. There’s no grand expectation or pressure, so being new, I’d just say ‘enjoy yourself’. Again, thank you so much for the lovely compliment and I will definitely be giving you a follow back

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    1. Maravilloso, vecina!! I’m so happy you accept. I think I sent you a notification but my memory can’t be relied on. There’s no time limit, so relax and enjoy the process of selecting your nominees. I look forward to reading your facts and getting to know you a bit better 🙂

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