A christmas story

One christmas I saved my money and bought my father a plaque for his desk at work. Such a young chick, I was oblivious to its actual meaning.

There was a late afternoon ritual every week day My father would come home from work, he and my mother would disappear into their bedroom. As he shed his suit, he would rant, rave and froth at the mouth about his co-workers. They were stupid, useless, liars, stealing clients, not doing their jobs. There was a different story every day about how someone had underminded him, cheated etc. He deserved better, had earned better, was better than everyone else. His rage would scream VICTIM, VICTIM, VICTIM. Faultless and unaccountable.

You can’t soar with the eagles when you work with turkeys – the plaque read

Ah well, from the mouths of babes. Too innocent to understand the insult, I always wondered why he never took it in to work to display on his desk.

Don't shoot muthaplucker!

Don’t shoot muthaplucker!

We no longer talk for many reasons. One being that I’ve discarded my quest to gain his approval, to please him. We’re on the outs, he’s the victim again because I’ve wronged him and have just become the proverbial turkey to his eagle. Or perhaps I always have been? Regardless, it’s rather fitting for christmas.

Deckkkkkk your balls with mounds of hollyyyyyyy
Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaah, la la la laaaahhhhhhh



      1. I am actually home alone, tucked in for a movie and early night. I got myself a new PJ and I love the quiet. I came to visit family friends in the countryside but i refused to come along to the party they had been invited to. Same will happen tomorrow. Peace is most important to me now and I mean inner peace.

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  1. One of the most important aspects of growing up is learning to let go of your responsibility for your parents. My folks are fragile, in their 80s and live in a cottage in the woods. Drives my brothers crazy but quite frankly I have enough on my hands with my own kids whom I haven’t quite managed to shove along into the real world (I am ready to let go!!!)

    Just know you are not alone being alone this holiday, sometimes it’s the best.

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