All aboard

I’m tired. I tired of having issues. I’m tired of having issues about my issues. I’m tired of being an anti-social, fat anorexic, bipolar and a suicide day-dreamer. I’m tired of the words abuse and disorder. I’m tired of ex-husbands, ex-fathers and ex-step-dragons. I’m tired of counting the costs, saving pennies and living within my means. I’m tired of wrinkles, muffintops, botox and periods. Period.

They say eat more fibre, brush your teeth, don’t forget to floss, always keep smiling, show interest, hold your stomach in and push your cleavage out. Quit smoking, say the people who drink too much. Get over it, claim the emotionally repressed. Always worry about what other people think of you, say the insecure. Have fun, live the dream, laugh, love and don’t take things too seriously. ‘Cos karma’s a bitch and she will get you. I say good guys never get the girl and good girls have all the fun. Heartaches, stomachache, toothache and headache – that’ll teach ’em. Put your best foot forward, keep your chin up and pull yourself together. Watch out for your waistline, the bottom line, and the end of the line.

all aboard


And at the end of the day, nothing really matters. Because it will end. Eventually. Days, night, weeks, life. It’s all transient. Participator or passenger, we all get there in the end, exactly as we’re meant to. At least that’s what I’m counting on.



      1. hahahahahaaaa, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. That is too clever. For sure, I want to call it raBid cycling bipolar….. my ex-husband would certainly confirm that…. hahahaaahaha


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