George and the dragon

Let me tell you a tale….
Once upon a time, in a land faraway, there lived a man in his fifties, called George. As is with life, it dabbles in tragedy here and there, and poor George lost his wife. She was howling-at-the-moon crazy, and died by suicide. Their daughter spent the better part of her 20’s anorexic binge-drinking, while George went on to remarry. His second wife was…. she was…. ohoooo how should I put this….??

Let me just say this….
There was a pub in this faraway land. The daughter knew it well. She had some of her most memorable binge-drinking blackouts in this establishment. It was called…. wait for it…… The George and Dragon!! And so it came to be, in this land far far away, that the man, George, and his second wife, were forever more known as ‘George and The Dragon‘.

Let me wrap up by saying…..
Just as in a …….. ahem, real dragon, she is a danger to be avoided. Full of hot air, with a breath of fire that wipes out everything and everybody in her way. Insincerity, dublicity and, well, she’s The Dragon. You get the idea.

The End or To Be Continued…



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