How many Bipolars does it take to change a light bulb?

Firstly, in my defence I did not have a high enough ladder. But bipolar girl-minus-man will make a plan to do it by herself in the name of independence.

Brushing aside my propensity for losing my balance, I climbed to the very top of my two-step ladder. That in itself was already far too high for my liking. I mean, phlease, I get nervous in high heels! I soon learnt that downlighting is not a simple bulb switcheroo.

I know I didn’t look pretty doing it, but in the end, I got it done. I pried that bloody contraption from the ceiling despite my lack of balance. I fitted those little pins of the light bulb into their teeny-tiny slots despite my shaking hands. And I did all this standing on my ladder on tip toes.

It may sound simple to ordinary folk. But it was a challenge for me. I was all stiff, wobbly legs, shaking hands and sweating all over. But it was a success. Old light bulb out. New light bulb in. No help required. For a while there, I felt like a superhero. Until reality set in and I realised I have another 14 downlights in this place.

What a great big pain in my asshole to have to repeat this process when the time comes. But I am no damsel in distress. Okay, I concede, I’ve hurt my back just a little bit, but I refuse to ask for help for something as trivial as changing a light bulb.



  1. As a man I guess I am expected to be able to change my own light bulbs (I can actually change entire light fixtures) but in this manic distracted state, even the most basic household tasks don’t seem to get done. So good work on the light bulb!


  2. oh god I am TERRIFIED of heights and dread having to get up on a step ladder to change the downlights. I’m so scared that currently there are probably about 8 or so bulbs (regular and downlight) that need changing. My ensuite has been in darkness for like 3 or 4 (maybe more) weeks now! I know how to change them – I just get dizzy and sick being off the ground at any height.

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