Motivation, manscaping and other mysteries

I have no motivation. Perhaps I’ve forgotten where I put it.

…. I’m watching Sons of Anarchy. I’m a fan. There’s only one thing that bothers me though. Jax’s white tennis shoes. How the hell does he keep them so clean? Let’s face it, pristine white. Come on, the guy rides a motorbike, drives along dusty dirt roads and if he’s not involved in some shoot-out or bomb blast, he’s killing someone at close range. But his shoes? Never a speck of dirt or blood. Drives me insane. Wish I could keep my shoes that clean. And I’m just an office worker who’s never kill anyone. And I drive a car…….

…. lately I’ve been getting a sense of finally settling into my new life of singledom/aloneness. I can’t say I have any complaints. I get to eat what I want, sleep in ’til when I want, not shave my legs and everything’s always exactly where I left it……….

…..pretty selfish I know. And they say “it’s a man’s world”? ……..

…. Men. Hmmm. To be honest, I have thought about dating again. It would be nice to have some human interaction. But then I think to myself – ughhhh, if I get a boyfriend I’ll have to wax my whooo-haaaa because according to a documentary I watched today, 80% of males prefer ‘no hair down there’…….

… oh well, here’s my contribution to the statistics – the only percentage-of-men I prefer, are those who have a propensity for piercings and manscaping……….

.. come now motherfucker’s. No pain no gain. It is, afterall, a man’s world…..!

… gosh. I sound a bit man-angry. Maybe I shouldn’t date just yet…………………………………………..



  1. 😀 the second to last line made me giggle so hard!! So many men are piss weak when it comes to pain.
    My dad is a certifiably mad exception – one time he banged his thumb with a hammer, and it got a massive blood blister under the nail. It was throbbing so much and he was in so much agony – the crazy bastard got out his electric drill and bored a hole through his nail to ease the pressure. True story.

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