Today I put an end

As I navigate my personal turmoil, this poem brings light to the road leading towards hope

Words on a blackboard


Today I put an end
I seek the rain to comfort me
The night to weave new dreams
The light to see myself again
Cause in the midst of quarrelling winds, I’ve changed.

Today I put an end
I see the waves washing all the sand that kept me still
The maps showing trails and many other stops to come
The moments filled with ease and praise
Cause in the midst of falling leaves, I saw how much I’ve gained.

Today I put an end
I feel the days beginning with all the sun embraced
The seconds floating free in the unknown, going with the stream
The jubilation in a heartbeat that made the clouds turn pale and grin
Cause in the midst of whirling seas, the utmost calm can come within.

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One comment

  1. Hi Sweet,

    I forget to mention to you when commenting about safe boundaries, that I am also hardened because I watched my brother suffer from birth to death to get dad’s ‘wink’. No exageration. He was a genius and dad only cared about that but despised to boy, once epilepsy, bibpolar etc stepped in – he repudiated us all. He burnt our birth certicicates to tell how bad it got. So, I don’t think because your sperm contributes to bringing forth a life, it’s yours to ‘ruin’. I wish you well and hope you wade through. Really you owe it to yourself. Loads of love, Marie

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