Goodbye sweet suffering

you fathered a daughter later in life
tried for some time with your unhappy wife
she was born to the world amidst some strife
but once she arrived everything was alright

but alas expectations did far exceed
anything that this child could achieve
try as she might with effort to please
nothing she did was well received

from a child to an adult she soon became
morphing to fit someone else’s name
unaware she’d entered the same old game
to please and submit would all be in vain

she lost herself, her mind her soul
the merger it did not go well
for years she tried to fit the role
but never did she feel quite whole

alone she chose to abdicate
surrendering herself to fate
trade what she loved for her escape
the chance to start with a clean new slate

both men did not her sadness see
blind to her loss of family
wrapped up with their own vanity
neglect was such great agony

abandoned and left out to dry
to help your child you did not try
she had no choice and said goodbye
the sad thing is, you don’t know why


Say what you mean, and mean what you say

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