My memory serves me ….. an apple crumble?

I’m on a financial diet. So I thought, in the absence of chocolate, I’d rustle up an apple crumble. It went bad very early on.

I had googled the conversion charts for grams to cups, but I only own one ¼ cup. Multiply everything by four? Simple enough, no? No. Flour went first into the bowl, followed by castor sugar. And that’s the point where I stopped in my tracks, wondering exactly how many ¼ cups of flour did I actually dish out? Did I only do 4 or the required 8? Or did I get distracted and only do 6? No idea. My bad memory sabotages everything! At the urging of my sweet tooth, I carried on regardless.

I'm baking?  Be afraid, be very afraid

I’m baking? Be afraid, be very afraid

I could swear I had apples. But noooooo. So, desperate times called for desperate measures. Substitute …. apricot jam. Sort of smeared it on the bottom of the baking dish. Threw in some raisins. Was a bit heavy handed with the cinnamon, crumbled it about and bombed it into the oven.


My apple crumble without the apples was a giant flop. I did indeed only put 4 x ¼ cups of flour in the dish. I hate it when my memory failure makes me feel stupid. Anyway the result was an inedible cinnamon syrup so sweet it would strip the enamel off your teeth. I’m going to try and revive it by baking it with some cream…… and…… maybe more flour. As I said, desperate times and all that.



  1. Oh my gosh, I had similar issues a couple of weeks ago when I was making molten chocolate pudding. I couldn’t find my tablespoon, so I had to use a teaspoon. Yes brain goes off on it’s own adventure, and I forget if I’ve put in the required 2 tablespoons worth of plain flour, or more or less.
    Sometimes I wish there was a leash for the mind so I could rein it in!

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