This is my reality

I was watching a mundane reality show on TV. (ohmygod yes i’ve just confessed my nasty little secret…one of them). One of those competition type shows. There’s rarely anything remotely sad in those programs – except when I’m watching it would seem, because, I burst into tears.

Now I’m not depressed. Uh, let me rather rephrase that …….. I’m not depressed today. So there I was on the couch with a bog roll drizzing my baby blue’s wondering what the hell was going on.

My theory is, I’m purging my sadness. My psyche has been filled with years and years of trauma and illness. I’ve moved through those days and I’ve passed them and left them behind. Now I just have to get rid of them from my physical body. Because we all know when you hold on to negative emotions they manifest physically in the body.

So my theory is this: these are my healing tears. They want the best for me so I won’t hold them in. Every single salty tear wipes away and heals an old, brutal injustice.

WATCH OUT EVERYBODY……. it seems any part of any reality show, these days, will bring me to tears. But really, we’re talking reality shows here, do you honestly blame me?



  1. Tears are not harmful, or bad in itself. You know depression, so I’m certain that you know also that feeling when you can’t cry… That’s awful. It’s way better to cry (I think). So cry – sometimes it helps. Let it all out. Tears have their reasons.

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  2. Oh so we’re admitting our guilty pleasures now? Oh YEAH!! I am so addicted to murder porn like 48 Hours (it’s horrible) and also Flip or Flop on HGTV. I could watch that shit ALL DAY!!

    I like the idea of healing tears, I am going to borrow it. THANKS!! πŸ˜€

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