A little help from my friends

Thought it’d be all rainbows and soap bubbles once the divorce and settlement had been rung in by the judge’s gavel. But I find myself at a loss. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I certainly don’t regret the divorce. Hell no! I don’t have rocks in my head. But I feel sad, a bit melancholy. Mournful, downcast, bewildered. Three years my focus has been all about the divorce. Now what?

People are saying things like ‘get on your feet’. I don’t understand? I had to get on my feet as soon as I left. I had to find and create a home. I bought a car and I already had a job. Soooo, it would appear I am already on my feet? Yes? No?

So what am I missing? I find myself during the day sitting staring vacantly off into space. Is this bipolar? Or is this me wading through the fallout and debris from the divorce. I thought it would get easier, damnit!

Whatever comes next, I’ve decided not to do it alone. Whatever lies around the corner, I’m going to tackle it with a little help from my friends.



  1. Grief. Grief is my best guess my friend. Even the grief of the loss (end) of a chapter… the beginning of a new one is like turning a corner down a road you’re not familiar with. Anxiety Lane … hopefully it will turn into BADASS Boulevard soon… with help from your friends… or without. Either way – you know you are loved by people who don’t even know you face-to-face. You got this. Your feet are on the ground. Start pounding the pavement… moving on… walking on… keeping on…. you got this.

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      1. Likewise – I’m glad to have some bipolar bloggy friends out there who “get it” and I get it and hopefully can spur you and others on while others certainly have and continue to spur me on.

        Giddy up!

        Had a friend on FB tell me sometimes it’s good not to share too much personal information. I deleted her comment and then deactivated my account. LOL!!!! OBVIOUSLY she doesn’t get it and I am not in good shape to argue with anyone. Gotta keep calm and carry on as they say!

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