Watch out world, I’m finally divorced

For most of the morning, I was perched on a wooden bench in one of the busy corridors of the Durban High Court. I had arrived early with my lawyer, apprehensive about the first day of what was supposed to have been a 3 day trial.

Gradually this corridor filled with black-robed legal professionals with an air of purpose and haste, with large black suitcases dragged behind them on wheels. My lawyer had 3 of those fancy cases. For my case. We wanted to show our opposition we meant business! My lawyer was adamant the best outcome for me would be to settle out of court. I couldn’t have agreed more.

Eventually, the opposition arrived and negotiations began. It was spectacular to watch as the two lawyers duked it out in the halls of justice. My lawyer’s strategy of giving the appearance of having the upper hand, applying pressure by perceived threat, when to raise his voice and when to walk away, when to approach me, shake his head, nod his head, appear outraged, defiant, throw his robed arms in the air. That, combined with his art of persuasion using logic and facts, reason and empathy, well, it was like watching a beautifully choreographed dance.

At one stage I overheard my lawyer tell the other “Come on now. This is a very brave woman. Brave in a way that you will never understand. So come on, let’s be fair with her.”

And so it was, this dance of justice won me a fair settlement out of court. I’m by no means a rich bitch. But this bitch sure is happy with the outcome. The paperwork was signed, and signed again, and again, then witnessed, and initialled, and signed again. Then I had to stand in the box and repeat an oath with my right hand raised. That’s when everything became a blur, but I just had yes/no questions to answer. BANG BANG BANG went the judges gavel, and an announcement “I declare you to be divorced”

AND SO IT IS THAT I AM FINALLY DIVORCED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, but today, 10th September 2014, is the day of my liberation.

My long road to freedom began in 2009. I am eternally thankful to my friends who have unfailingly supported and encouraged me every single step of the way. Dr S who helped to get me fighting fit and in good shape to make the necessary tough decisions. And my lawyer, who believed in me and when I had nothing, fought to get me something (and was kind enough to only charge one third of his normal fees)




  1. OMMMHEERRHGGGEHHRRRD!!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!! What a dramatic ending!!!! Congratulations! I wish you were closer – I’d get out a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Grape Juice if you don’t drink alcohol! 🙂 (It’s the thought that counts!)

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    1. I know! OMMMHEERRHGGGEHHRRRD!!!! I never thought this day would arrive. AND to have justice served. What a day. Yes it would be nice if we were closer. I envision holding hands, jumping up and down to the sound of our combined girlie screams 😀 Pax thank you for all your support. For real

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