What friends are for

I’m so used to the hard knocks of life, that when something good happens, it leaves me breathless.

This week, a friend from work gave me the gift of her support and her time. She offered to come with me to court. To take some of her own personal leave, to walk beside me through the process of the trial that strikes such fear in my heart.

How do I adequately express the gratitude, the sense of relief, the acknowledgement of the sacrifice of her time. I tried to say thank you. She casually waved her hand and said “…. but this is what friends are for”.

Thank you, my beautiful, kind friend xx



  1. I thought l was alone who will cry if something good is done to her… good for you for having such a friend. I am yet to find, save in my darling darling who is my all in one. I always amaze at all the shit l had to go through in my life before meeting someone who can love unconditionally and we be there for each other.
    Best of luck, M

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