Introducing pieces of me

I bid you welcome to my domain
where pieces of myself remain
half are dead, and half alive
such is the nature of the beast inside


Bipolar is the name
for my kind of insane
it’s my claim to fame
my everlasting crying shame


I guarantee no consistency
posting with no regularity
maybe a rhyme, perhaps some reason
all depending on the season


my account will be brutally honest
a true reflection of me, I promise
some accounts may shock! possibly inspire?
others will make you laugh ’til you cry


the extreme passion that I represent
delivers language that could well offend
I offer no apology
for my own biology
in the real world I am censored and banned
but this space I’ve carved out, is to be as I am


before you I stand beautifully flawed
it does appear that Bipolar’s one cause
if not anything else I’m interesting
making fun of myself, you’ll be giggling


So settle in, enjoy the ride
bipolar dishes a lovely side
of triumphs, failures, long laments
happy times, some tears, regrets
I’ll air my laundry out to dry
so you’ll see, we’re all quite similar


Important Stats:
Female, 44 years old
Married 17 years. Ex-husband alcoholic. Divorced 2014
Abuse as child + adult
Anorexia – 13yrs old until ………..
Initial diagnosis at 13 years old of major depression. Bipolar diagnosis at 30 years old
Mother died 1992. Suicide. Bipolar + eating disorder





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