Quite ironic really

Did you know I really liked him
at first he was inviting
would answer to my writing
it was exciting
having someone to confide in
he was inspiring
and I loved the artist inside him

On a hunt for passion
because his world felt barren
I revealed to him bipolar
not many get to know her

I didn’t know I wasn’t his type
he prefers them young and light
getting drunk, hitting the pipe
full of attitude and fight

He grew bored
but lacked the balls
to come right out
‘n tell me fuck off

And so it was with irony
I left, we parted company
and all that time he never once realised
he’d been staring passion dead straight in the eye



  1. I thank you for putting yourself out there, sharing with us your pain. Out of pain we can learn, you shared your story with us, a big step. It sucks when we feel something for another and they aren’t at the same place. In my life that has saved me time and energy. Now you can look inward and move forward without being measured to a bar you couldn’t reach. That’s his loss. We don’t need toxic people in our lives, they rob our self worth, make us feel negative thoughts about ourselves as we pursue and try to please. He saved you a lot of time and pain by showing how shallow he really is. You are worth more, you are always worthy. You have to look at is this person worthy of me, my love, my time. My comments are from a place of love. Have a great day. Hugs.

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  2. Thank you for your empathy. I appreciate it. It has been strangely hard letting go. Logically I know he’s toxic. He’s actually very much like my soon-to-be-ex which shows me a behavoural pattern I need to work on. And it all boils down to low self worth. Phew, I have myself some work going forward 🙂
    Thank you for thinking of me….and also for the hugs 😀


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