Much ado about nothing

Mr Murphy’s Law stepped in today and I was let off the hook!

I didn’t have to attend the dreaded “divorce” meeting today. I was half way through doing my happy dance, when I realised I’m no better or worse off than yesterday, or the day before that, or the year before this one. It’s still a hurry up and wait game. A game where I don’t know the rules, where I have no control and a game that hits me with curve balls at every turn.

But before I got too miserable, I hiked up my big girl panties, and said to myself, “Myself, it’s all good. Everything’s gonna be fine. The end is in sight. Not even one and a half months to go.”

I can taste it, feel it, see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not a train, that light is the spotlight on my brand new life. And I can’t wait!



    1. Thank you for sharing this award with me, Marie. I’m greatly honoured. It provides the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone – to step forward, instead of remaining quietly in the background. To step forward, and hopefully share some inspiration. To step forward with my fellow bloggers in a unified front against the stigma of mental illness. And most importantly, to pay it forward, and to keep paying every kindness forward with grace and dignity. For what is life without hope.
      Please be patient with me as I do the required steps. I’m still so new at blogging, I think it might take me a little bit to figure things out.
      Again, I’m overwhelmed by your generosity, and thank you for having faith in me šŸ™‚


      1. Dearest PB,

        I am so touched by my two nominees gratitude. I just felt in me that you both deserved it and I am humbled to see how right I was. I am glad for you most especially because I see you truly are prepared to step out of your comfort zone. But oh dear, sure it is at your own pace, one shaky but confident step at a time.
        Now that you know you are so appreciated, you get up and appreciate and value yourself a hundred fold right?:)


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